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The first sofa-centric commerce platform


The first sofa-centric
commerce platform

Enhance decisions. Analytics for retail


Enhance decisions.
Analytics for retail


We are a company focused on helping brands to generate innovative digital experiences and solutions. We provide bespoke services and have proprietary products around retail analytics and TV-Commerce.

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See the future of retail!

Enhance decisions. Analytics for retail

Footprints is a platform created to enhance business decisions by providing real time analytics for retail. The platform gathers data through a Wi-Fi connection and turns it into live, actionable consumer insights so retailers can optimize their spaces for a more prolific, engaging, shopping experience.

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Dwome.com MTV EMA 2014 Artconnected.ie Reincarci.ro Bucharestshopping.ro Untdelemnbunica.ro Plan4fun.ro


A shop for luxuriant experiences, Dwome is an e-commerce hub offering the user the possibility to buy and sell pre-owned luxury products.

Dwome is a luxury fashion project directed to high-end clothing and accessories enthusiasts, wardrobe worshipers, who want to purchase or sell one of a kind fashion-love items.

MTV EMA 2014

MTV Europe Music Awards 2014

No bumps in the road to the 2014 EMA with the all-in-one, seamless approach of the new booking platform.

The EMA MTV platform is a virtual booking assistant for the event’s travel coordinators where they can easily plan the entire stay for the guests of the event.



Artconnected.ie aims to connect all the players in the Irish artistic world through a tech savvy, user friendly platform.

Artconnected.ie is the first Irish digital platform dedicated exclusively to artists. Created at the initiative of CFCP (Centre for Creative Practices) the platform aims to set-up a digitally intelligent creative network that ensures that the right people get together and set-up an artistic flow.



Reincarci.ro supports the ease of mobile communication through fast and no hassle credit top-up.

Thought out as a simple as one, two, three service, Reincarci.ro is a website dedicated to Romanian mobile prepay subscribers that provides the easiest way to top-up the credit on any mobile prepaid card.


Bucharest Shopping

Bucharest Shopping, the premium fashion brands brought together in one mobile app.

Developed by Fullscreen Digital for Stillusion, Bucharest Shopping is the first app-guide to Bucharest's most chic shops. In the app, the user can browse and search either by product category, brand or shop name. As an added bonus and differentiator, the app grants users exclusive special discounts through the featured Pink Card system.

Untdelemn de la Bunica

Untdelemn de la Bunica

Grandma’s touch is now truly digital in the Undelemn de la Bunica fresh website, created by Fullscreen Digital for Expur.

Simple to navigate and user friendly, the new one page website of Undelemn de la Bunica, de-clutters the realm of product presentation bringing a warm, home-like touch to the content spun by three kitchen savvy grandmas.



No hassle event planning with the brand-new, seamless, restaurant reservation platform: plan4fun.ro!

The platform uses the latest technologies to bring about a handy way to book locations for big events such as weddings, baptisms or anniversaries and also help users seamlessly reserve tables for business meetings, romantic dinners or friend get-togethers.

We believe our ideas work because of our human-centric approach, where brands we work with know they have a purpose to support & improve their consumers’ lifestyle. Everywhere & everyway.
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Dan MarculescuStrategy & Innovation Director

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Vlad BomboeCreative Technologies Director

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Our sit-down with Forbes, talk about consumer data!

Forbes, talk about consumer data!

Our founders had a chat with Forbes about the future of consumer data collection and interpretation.

Our founders had a chat with Forbes about the future of consumer data collection and interpretation.

Here are a few excerpts from the talk:

"Data collection solutions will be more and more hybrid, they will gather information from many other sources, not just smartphones. More than that, they will be bundled up with engagement solutions that will address the issues brought to light!" – Vlad Bomboe

"The decisions made in marketing departments often rely on the fragile balance of selective consumer polls and the experience of the decision makers. Since the rise of Social Analytics systems, the uncertainty is decreased in many areas; mature markets are constantly investing in the development of real-time data management systems. The bottom line is that, the more access to data you have, the more you can understand the needs of your customers".

Our two founders went on to discuss the birth and process of our Retail Analytics product – Footprints, and how we came to partner up with Orange. They continued explaining the internal importance of the service.

"Footprints is the core of the company, all our efforts in other areas contribute to the continual growth of the service. Strategically, we want to start by validating this system in Romania and continue by exploring other European markets" – Dan Marculescu

Read the entire article and get the full picture!

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How to score high on the Net Promoter Score Scale

Score high on the Net Promoter Scale

Customers are the most important "media" money cannot buy!

It's all the same when your goal is to hit and run but when you really want to thrive, grow and ultimately, stay in business, social is the one and only sure fire tool!

But how do we measure social efficiency? The Net Promoter Score or for short the NPS, simply put, is a scale from 1 to 10 that states how likely it is for your customer to recommend your business to others.

The higher the NPS, the less money you have to spend on advertising.

In this day and age our social connectivity dictates where we shop, how we travel and what we listen to. That means that people trust reviews a whole lot more than they do advertising.

88% have read reviews to determine the quality of a local business

A 2014 survey of almost 5000 participants backed this claim with clear-cut figures:

88% have read reviews to determine the quality of a local business
39% read reviews on a regular basis
Only 12% do not read reviews

Creating a customer base that can grow in and of itself is, at this point, a must for any small and growing business. So, if you haven’t already, it’s about time to take the step into the social future and work so that your NPS is always sky high.

People trust reviews a whole lot more than they do advertising.

Your customers need to know you, like you and advocate your cause to kingdom come! They are your supporters and the best "media" money cannot buy! Here are a few ways you can thrive in the process of transformation from simple customer to super brand advocate:

Ask for reviews

They know you are great, you know you are great, it's time for the entire world to share that sentiment. Make it easy for your customers to leave reviews, simplify the process and remind them as often as you can without being obnoxious or pushy!

Be helpful

Get on top of the issues your clients might have and simplify their customer journey when dealing with them. Create content that supports and anticipates the user's needs and problems and share that content at relevant times (like a how to guide to initiate the user in more advanced settings of a web platform).

See the future

Accommodate your disgruntled customers for they might turn into your biggest enemies instead of your best advocates. Accept today's small losses (like returned products or unsatisfied customers) and turn them around in a way they can become future gold mines.

Social Media is a place where reputation really means something and loyalty when lost is a bit tricky to get back.

Involve them

Always keep an ear out for what your clients have to say about your products and services. Ask them what they want and how their experience with your brand can be better. But don't stop there! Actually make the changes to your offerings, allowing your clients to shape their experience and feel involved. And maybe, just maybe, your products and brand will have a great deal to learn and grow with the help of your audience.

Be open

Don't let the mindset you have today interfere with the growth of your business. The world changes at a dizzying pace, with the growth of Social, everything is so connected that 180˚shifts can happen in a blink of an eye.

Don't miss out on opportunities because of your carefully planned out 10 year strategy! Let your strategy grow with your audience, let your customers mold it in a way that better fits them and their needs and they will absolutely love you for it.

Make your business social, make it something that your customers will be proud to share with their friends and vague Facebook acquaintances.

Score high on the NPS scale, let us help make your business something that they are eager to share!

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Want to be a superhero?

Want to be a superhero?

We are looking for teammates keen on innovation and hungry for some ASP.NET and PHP coding action!

We are looking for teammates keen on innovation and hungry for some coding action of the ASP.NET and PHP variety!

If passion, innovation and a job well done are your driving forces, if you live and breathe the code with enthusiasm, if you want to join like-minded individuals to construct unique projects, than this is the place for you.

Come join forces with the team here at Fullscreen Digital and live your passion at Full (screen) potential!

Check out our WANTED section and apply today.

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Ziarul Financiar did a feature on us & Retail Analytics

Fullscreen Digital in the news

Ziarul Financiar set down with us to discuss the future Fullscreen Digital envisioned for retail analytics

Ziarul Financiar set down with our founders, Dan Marculescu and Vlad Bomboe to discuss the future Fullscreen Digital envisioned for retail analytics.

"[Fullscreen Digital is] The company that analyses consumer behaviors and store traffic using the data collected by the Wi-Fi infrastructure"

"The new "BOOM" in digital will be that of collecting and interpreting data obtained directly online, with the customer’s prior agreement."

Read more in the feature article and find out how, in collaboration with Orange Romania, we are going to revolutionize the way marketers and consumers approach the shopping experience.

*The article in Romanian so we want to apologize to our foreign readers in advance.

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Creative technologies & retail analytics take IMWorld by storm!

The future of retail @ IMWorld 2014

Internet & Mobile World is an event that brings together the Romanian digital industry

Internet & Mobile World is an event that brings together the Romanian digital industry. So, for a couple of days, we moved our "home" at the event site in order to introduce our retail analytics solution to the world together with our partner Orange Romania.

We fitted in perfectly with the main focus of the event. We joined in on the discussions around big data by presenting our innovative take on the future of commerce through creative technologies and retail analytics.

We set-up shop in a very home-like setting, including plasma screens and a couch, and invited people to take a sit at the table in our comfy living room so we can chat about ... the digical future and how to survive digital Darwinism.

"So what does Footprints do exactly?" they would ask. We were more than glad to answer, it goes a little bit like this: Footprints is a product that pioneers the link between online and offline analytics in Romania. It is a retail analytics tool that helps onsite retailers better design their path to purchase in order to grow impulse sales and increase loyalty. The platform uses the consumer’s Wi-Fi signal in order gather actionable data around customer behavior.

What kind of data, you ask? Well, about everything you’d like to know: how many people, how often, how engaged, how they react to window displays, how much time they spend in the store, how can individual stores connect with each other through relevant cross promotions and many, many more.

We enjoyed the event in a big way, were very excited about the enthusiasm that Footprints brought on and made a lot of new friends, in a business kind of way.

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Customer Experience Journeys to the Center of The Universe!

Customer Experience Journeys

Buy me! Please buy me! I'm better than I was yesterday! I will make you cool!

"Buy me! Please buy me! I'm better than I was yesterday! I will make you cool! I will bestow upon you the true essence of happiness, will make all your cares go away! ... Oh well, if it doesn’t work, this one is on you, you probably just didn’t use me right!"

The feeling of disappointment is something that usually goes hand in hand with the marketing process. The funnel approach is just meant to get people buying no matter what and where and that’s something that can end in tears. But it works because people simply don’t voice their concerns ... or do they?

With the rise of social Media came a shift in the way we approach customers and more essentially, in the way customers approach us, the brands. The funnel turned into a full cycle in which the post-purchase experience is just as important as the getting-them-to-buy strategy.

People are talking, filling digital channels with their joys and sorrows concerning the products and brands they experience. At this point, they don’t just dream about brands willing to build relationships, they demand it and turn their backs on us when it does not happen.

The experience needs to be flawless, completely integrated, from the posts your intern puts up on Facebook, to the website that must be mobile friendly, up until the point-of-sale interaction. The world today puts brand and customer at the same table. Social Media lets us be friends, the word about town (or SoMe) changes how we are perceived, so we gain new friends (customers) or lose important relationships in a blink of a refresh button.

But that’s not where it all ends, things are still changing in a galloping pace, the mere friendship, equal to all but specific to none, that brands employ is slowly losing its momentum, morphing, evolving into more! This specific need for more is taking everything into hyper-drive!

Brands will need to get on with the trend and provide personal-assistant services to go with each and every customer experience journey. Be everywhere in a consistent and non-intrusive way, blend into the scenery when needed and provide the right solution at the blink of an eye whenever called upon!

This will be accomplished by erasing the lines between what was called traditional and digital, merging the spheres, stepping into a 'digical' (digital + physical) realm where there is no online and offline, there is just the experience we craft for the customer. Brands will need to be in the customer's life and listen, analyze and, most important of all, never push (be there when she asks Google about a delicious fudge cake and be there when she lingers in front of the kids' store, find out her wishes and fulfill them).

So let’s step in the "digical" future and (re)build brands with Social Business Transformation where the customer always comes first. We, Fullscreen Digital, focus on providing value through meaningful and purposeful “digical” brand experiences. The creative technologies we employ liberate brand relationships from their present day constraints. We use insights and analytics to provide brands with freedom to connect with each and every individual customer on a personal basis.

As the universe is infinite, its center is still cause for bafflement. Well, that won't be true tomorrow! In the world where the marketing process revolves around the specific needs of the one who is doing the buying, the center of the universe will be, quite simply, the customer! The world will spin around her and set the perfect offerings right at her feet (and she will love it!)! Customer-centric marketing, here we come!

Digitally yours,

Fullscreen Digital

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Fullscreen. A larger than life view on technology

A larger than life view on technology

The shape of the digital world is in perpetual motion, always building on itself

The shape of the digital world is in perpetual motion, always building on itself, adding, growing and expanding, evolving at a rapid pace. Digital is now more, it is an intrinsic part of day to day life, the need for quality products is no longer just a fad.

The world market yearns for digital innovation, craving and consuming more and more of it every day and the penetration of technology in the local market is at an all time high, we all just must have it.

Devices sprout up in every corner of activity because people need connections, they need to stay in touch to each other, to the world, to their business, to everything. We are linked to the digital reality, facing screens of all dimensions, all the time, so why not get a full rounded experience that traverses the digital world, moving in leisure from screen to screen, connecting everything in a bigger picture?

This where Fullscreen comes in to provide a human centric approach to business solutions that travel through the digital world, connecting online entities to personal flesh and blood experiences. The bigger picture that Fullscreen shows is always adapting, morphing, designing tailor made solutions that provide the best possible outcome to all parties involved.

We believe that the future is not in selling but more in providing each individual with a customised experience that both brand and user can benefit from. It is enhancing day to day life, making the marketing process a welcomed interaction rather than a nuisance.

We help brands reach a point where they have a "personal relationship" to every customer, being able to offer mutually beneficial customised experiences that build on this connection being.

We've got the touch


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